Monday, October 20, 2014

A quick scribbling of a bird's life 02

  • Where has my reading habit gone? It stops since the day I started my post-grad study 3 years ago that I spent more time reading academic materials... And ever since I graduated about a year ago, that I of course stop reading text books/journals immediately, I didn't repick the reading habit again! Instead I spent my free time on movies & variety shows... Well ~ it's time for me to pick up the good reading habit again. There are a few books in my shelf collecting dust now, and there are many more that I wish to read too. But.. but.. but.. there are also many chapters of manga that I'd missed and would like to catch up; and.. and.. and.. also weekly dose of Running Man.. somemore.. somemore.. ahem... time has never been enough!
  • One day, Little Sun was asking me for help. I teased him that I can help provided he admits himself being a "LuLu". Without pause, he said "I'm LuLu". I felt amused and kept my promise of course. However, right after I helped him the task... With his evil grin, he said "Papi is LuLu"... leaving wife and I dumbfounded for quite a while!
  • I don't mind a little bit of stress at work because it keeps my hamban'ness to move sometimes. However I'm feeling like a bit over due to the recent task force. At one point, I feel that I'm talking to my US counterpart more than talking to my wife in a day! Oh well ~ will keep myself strong until all of this is over ~ *hwaiting*!!!

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